Ezra Savard

Sites I Like


Marginal Revolution - Fantastic economics-focused blog by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Their daily links are one of my favorite ways to keep up with news.

Slate Star Codex - Rationality, society, and psychology focused blog by the pseudonomous Scott Alexander. It has a great archive of long articles; “Moloch” is a classic. I also enjoyed his recent review of a book I found very influential, “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel.

80,000 Hours - Effective altruism focused self-help site that sometimes publishes really interesting studies

Die, Workwear! - A fashion blog, on tumblr! Thought I was all seriousness did you? I really enjoy how the author ties trends and histories together while providing fashion news.

Farnam Street - Frequently great, but sometimes gets wanky due to the self-improvement oriented nature of the site. Most of their content is focused on making good decisions.

Stratechery - Great deep dives on tech news, with a good podcast to match.

Putanumonit - I specifically recommend his “Defense Against the Dark Arts” series on how people abuse statistics.


The Browser - This newsletter has added a solid hour of reading to most days of the week for me, and it is almost entirely things I don’t see anywhere else.

The Information - I don’t actually subscribe to this, but it is really high quality tech reporting. It is really aimed at VCs/executives (e.g. people who need very current, and deep-diving industry news to do their work), but I really enjoyed their trial week, even though I don’t need this type of content =).


Conversations with Tyler - Tyler Cowen does fantastic interviews with a wide variety of people.

The Knowledge Project - Shane Parish is the best interviewer I’ve ever heard when it comes to getting people to share how they think. He doesn’t vet peoples’ claims or try to debate anyone, so don’t expect authoratative information. To start, I recommend his talks with Rory Sutherland, Annie Duke, and Amelia Boone. The Rory Sutherland talk had a real impact on the way I think about marketing as an industry, and how I think about value in general.

Exponent - Basically the audio format of Stratechery, conversations go wider and deeper than the articles on the blog. I like both formats a lot.

99% Invisible - I listen to this less often than I would like to, but it has really great stories about very everyday things. My favorite was probably the one on shipping containers , but so many of them are interesting and worth listening to.