Ezra Savard

Harmonic Font Sizing

As part of my efforts to learn CSS (instead of fudging through), I’ve been reading a lot. One interesting bit I’ve been reading through is Every Layout, which has been really helpful in learning the basics. Their approach heavily emphasizes leveraging browser layout algorithms and avoiding extreme specificity.

This post’s style improvement was to add in harmonic font sizing, based on Every Layout’s modular scale post. Here is a photo after the break, for posterity.

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So About That CSS...

I decided to tear out my convoluted CSS and div-soup website in favour of focusing on the basics: semantic HTML5 and CSS that actually cascades, instead of specifying classes for everything and styling them individually…

Photo after the break.

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More of What I've Been Reading

I read a fair amount of random interesting things, and these are some that I thought were particularly good, drawn from my last month of reading. These are presented in the order I read them in.

Historical Context Around Recent Crypto Events
This piece frames the recent crypto bubble and burst with history around:

  1. P2P file sharing, both trends and technologies
  2. Penny stock trading and the surrounding scams
  3. Bubbles as a means to create the overinvestment necessary in new technological infrastructure
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Ultra-Rich Philantrophy

I read this interview with Abigail Disney recently, and it was interesting enough, but one thing really struck me. At one point, she discussed how she had considered giving away all her money when she was young, but didn’t, because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to make it in the world (nice honesty). What struck me is that she then follows up by saying

Now I’m glad I didn’t give it all away, because my money has grown. Now I’ve given away so much more than I inherited.
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